High Sierra Group
High Sierra Group Areas of Expertise:
• HACCP Certification
• Supply Chain Systems
• Product Certification
• Overseas Certifications
• Chemical R&D
• Lab Research & Testing

  • Food Processing Products

Green Power - An exceptionally strong and versatile degreaser - so strong at full strength it will remove old paint and light rust.  Food Grade.  

14 Karat - USDA Approved cleaner/degreaser.

Chlor-O-Clean, Cloro-O-Foam, Foam-A-Chlor - high quality foaming cleaner used for stainless steel and food contact machinery. 

HS Foam Cleaner  - a general all around strong foaming product.

Grease Gobbler - Used in drains and lift stations to remove grease - works exceptionally well.

Acid Foam - Used in place of foams to remove milk stone, scale and hard water deposits.

HD High Foaming Acid  - a premium foaming product used for exceptionally difficult or high recurring areas.

Safe Scale - An inhibited acid that will not burn the skin but is as effective as straight acid products.  Specialty product formulated for workers compensation situations.

Chlorine - Sodium Hypochlorite - Top of the line food grade 12.5 percent chlorine.

Citric Acid Solution - An NOP approved buffer for wash water, environmental degreaser on the acid side.  More effective than all the competition.

Peracetic Acid - Used for wash water treatments.

Discide 938 - Quaternary's - The world's finest quaternary sanitizer.

Fruit and Vegetable Wash - A wash water treatment developed to assist with the removal of clay and dirt from vegetables - Food Grade GRAS.