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High Sierra Group Areas of Expertise:
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High Sierra Group provides products to assist engineering/mechanical and automotive companies.

Green Power - An exceptionally strong and versatile degreaser; so strong at full strength it will remove old paint and light rust.  Food Grade.

Grease Gobbler - Used in drains and lift stations to remove grease.  Works exceptionally well.

Car Washes and Waxes

  • PREMIUM STEAM CLEANER  (P-1200)  This is a premium steam soap that can be diluted at a ration of up to 100 to 1.  It is a concentrated blend of water conditioners, emulsifiers, and wetting agents which allows this product to be tough on grease and grime yet mild enough not to pit and attack aluminum surfaces.  The cleaner is safe on all types of metals and painted surfaces.  It is biodegradable with no lingering odor.
  • HI ALKALI STEAM CLEANER (P-1220)  This heavy duty strength steam soap is perfect for those tough, heavily soiled areas.  It is excellent for the removal of oil and grease stains in driveways, sidewalks, and parking structures.  It is not recommended for use on aluminum surfaces.  It also has the ability to remove weakly adhered paints.
  • HEAVY DUTY STEAM SOAP  (P-1230)  This is a heavy duty caustic steam soap that can be diluted at a ratio of up to 100 to 1.  This product contains a high concentration of caustic soda.  It can be used on any non-metal surface but is not safe on aluminum.
  • SUPER CONCENTRATED STEAM SOAP  (P-1240)  This is a super concentrated steam soap that can be diluted at a ratio of up to 300 to 1.  It is similar in cleaning abilities to 1200 but with three times the dilution factor.  When properly diluted this detergent is safe on all types of metals and painted surfaces.  It is biodegradable with no lingering odor.
  • PREMIUM PRESSURE SOAP  (P-1260) This is a highly concentrated pressure washer soap that is safe on aluminum and paint.  It has been tested and approved for use at dilution ratios of over 128 to 1.  It quickly and easily removes road film and exhaust carbon to prepare the surface of a tractor trailer for brightening of aluminum surface with our aluminum brightener.
  • PRESSURE WASHER SOAP  (P-1270)  This is a detergent similar to 1260 in the areas of performance and concentration.  It contains higher concentrations of penetrating and anti-redeposition agents.  This butyl in this product is replaced with an environmentally and personnel safe solvent to help eliminate those unpleasant butyl fumes.
  • ECONO PRESSURE SOAP  (P-1280)  This product is formulated for those price conscious customers as an alternative to 1260.  It has all the benefits and uses associated with 1260 or 1270 at a more economical manageable price.
  • FLEET CLEAN  (P-1300)  This thick red detergent has active ingredients that exceed 35%.  This is a proven product throughout the transportation industry.  It provides free rinsing with controlled sudsing.  It is safe on aluminum and paint when used properly.  It can be used by hand or through a pressure washing machine.
  • SUPER SUDS  (P-1310)  This thick greenish/yellow detergent has active ingredients that exceed 20%.  Proper use of this detergent will remove road film.  It will not remove waxes or polishes.
  • WASH-N-WAX  (P-1315)  This heavy duty cleaner/detergent allows you to clean the toughest grease and road grime while at the same time depositing a high molecular weight polymer wax that helps protect the finish of the car, truck or bus.  It will not harm paint or aluminum.  This product dilutes up to 100 to 1.  It is safe for use by hand or apply with pressure washing machine.
  • CHERRY RED SHAMPOO  (P-1320)This economical shampoo possesses a strong cherry scent.  It is highly concentrated, free rinsing with abundant sudsing characteristics and safe on all types of auto and truck aluminum and paints.  It can be used by hand or is excellent when used as a tunnel shampoo.

Carpet Cleaners

  • 50 to 1 CARPET SHAMPOO (P1130) This is a highly concentrated shampoo that removes soils and discoloration, while restoring the carpet’s natural luster and soil resistance.  It works equally well on natural or synthetic fibers.  It can also be used on the upholstery of cars and furniture.
  • 25 to 1 CARPET SHAMPOO  (P1135) This is an economical alternative to 1130 which contains optical brighteners and special wetting agents that clean deeply and do not allow redeposition of soils on to the fabric.  This product is concentrated and dilutes with water.  It is nonflammable and cleans all types of carpet and upholstery.
  • CARPET STEAM SHAMPOO P-1140) This product is designed for use in steam extraction machines.  Wetting agents and water conditioners enter the fibers with the steam to loosen and emulsify deeply ground-in dirt and grime.  This product is low foam and fortified with optical brighteners to enhance the natural luster of the carpet.
  • CARPET SUPERBUGS (P-1141) This is a formulation that combines natural organic odor controllants with wetting agents, water conditioners and anti-redeposition ingredients.  Once the carpet has been cleaned, the natural odor-controlling bacteria will actually consume all organic odors and stain present in the carpet. 
  • TRAFFIC LANE SPOTTER (P-1143) This product is to be pre-sprayed on heavy traffic area 5 to 10 minutes before cleaning with normal steam extraction cleaning procedures.  The extra heavy duty emulsifiers and wetting agents to penetrate and emulsify deep down grease, oils, and dirt.  This allows minimal time, effort and manpower to remove those tough heavy deposits of dirt in the main traffic lanes. 
  • CARPET DEODORANT (P-1146)  This is a pleasant scented product that can be sprayed on previously cleaned carpets or added to the cleaning solution tank of the steam extraction machine.  It contains ingredients that hunt down and eliminate the source of offensive odors in carpeting and upholstery.
  • DEFOAMER (P-1148) This is a highly concentrated silicone based defoamer to eliminate foam wherever it may be a problem.
  • CARPET SPOTTER  (P-1150)  This product is for use in-between cleanings.  It removes oils, grease, and food stains.  Simply spray on stained area and agitate with brush or press area dry with clean towel.