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  • Chlorine Facts

Chlorine sold by High Sierra Chemicals

Fox News on 14 February 2008 reported that Chlorine can be purchased on the open market and used to produce Chlorine gas.  This gas is then used to perpetuate terrorist incidents.

The Chlorine sold by High Sierra Chemicals is only provided to known customers who have had a third party inspection that includes proper chemical inventory, training and security. 

Chlorine is used in the food industry for a number of applications: cleaning and water treatment by example.  One of the questions we often field is about a "gassy" sensation detected by individuals in these plants.  This sensation is usually not Chlorine gas but a by-product of the function that the Chlorine is performing. These sensations are not often harmful despite causing some discomfort. However, any situation of this nature should be reported to a supervisor for appropriate action. Chlorine, when used properly and in accordance with professional guidance, is not necessarily harmful. 

Chlorine should always be used with proper safeguards and in accordance with label, MSDS and regulatory requirements.  

Personnel who feel any sort of discomfort when working around Chlorine should report the circumstances to their supervisor and health screening.